The GreenFlag QC system revolutionizes the loan auditing process, increases productivity and reduces human error using our new proprietary integrated technology platform.


GreenFlag’s prefunding QC platform enables you to make sound underwriting decisions by having the right information from independent sources to validate loan level data and statements. Meeting the Agencies independent PFQC oversight requirements, GreenFlag can have a significant impact on your quality and profitability.


GFQC incorporates Agency, HUD and Private Label quality control rules with mouse-over training tips, an exclusive risk-review model and document retention index that place all the decisioning tools needed at your auditors fingertips.  Audit results aggregate deficiency trending on concise reports, giving management the information required to make real-time pricing, personnel and portfolio management decisions.


The MIT Technology and Risk Management team have been on the front lines of the mortgage backed securities evolution for over 25 years. Our in-house team of dedicated experts includes industry-recognized credit risk executive management, RMBS litigation experts, and a mortgage information technology team with full cycle expertise beginning with MISMO LOS standards to full service defense litigation support, and all facets of mortgage risk management that fall in between.

MIT Mortgage
Technology Solutions


RMBS Underwriting

and QC Auditing Services

Production, servicing and

investor Underwriting and

QC Auditing Services

-Loan document indexing, Guideline retention, Data warehousing

-Loan Level / Portfolio Level / Trending Risk Analytics

-Enterprise and Business Intelligence Reporting, visual aids, data presentations

-Data mining, Database Structures, Data Libraries

-RMBS Litigation Support

-Risk Modeling, Portfolio Analytics

-Indexing, archiving, and retention of Loan Tape, Origination, Underwriting, Servicing transfer and Investor data, guidelines

-Loan document imaging

- Automated Mortgage Quality Control software platform

   -Pre and Post-funding QC audits

   -Private label product licensing

   -Mela Capital Group Underwriting, QC outsourcing services

-Robust, customizable rules engine, applications

-Pre and Post-funding Agency and Investor customized QC platform

-Integrated Compliance testing

-Individual, portfolio and NMLS party risk analytics, reporting and trending

-Statistical, random and risk based sampling algorithms

Mela Capital Group's dedicated RMBS litigation defense underwriting team has been on the front lines for precedent-setting, multi-billion dollar class action litigation since 2008.  Customized services for our global investment banking and world-renowned legal clients include:

-RMBS Litigation Reunderwriting

-RMBS Loan Document Inventory

-RMBS Guideline Mapping

-RMBS Defense rebuttal response underwriting, reporting, analytics

- Automated RMBS full-cycle reunderwriting software platform

-Materiality deficiency assessments

-Deficiency variance identification, analytics, reporting

-Valuation and appraisal reviews

-Compliance testing

Mela Capital Group's dedicated team of frontline, manual underwriters has been hand-selected to bring multi-channel origination and investor guideline expertise to all aspects of the loan approval, including:

-Agency, Investor pre/post-funding QC auditing, reporting and analytics

-High net worth, Investor and Agency quality control underwriting

-Deficiency variance identification, analytics, reporting

-Property appraisal and valuation underwriting

-Mortgage fraud detection and mitigation

-Servicing transfer, Securitization portfolio risk sampling, analytics


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